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07 January 2011

One Week Left:: CDHM Online Sculpting Class with Nefer Kane

Learn To Sculpt A
Fantasy Full Body Elf

Two day live, interactive class:
January 29 and February 5, 2011
(6 hours total)

French artisan Nefer Kane is an internationally recognized doll and fantasy sculptor with multiple published articles with her one-of-a-kind figures working in paperclay. So come join Nefer in this live, interactive class where students will learn to sculpt a 5-inch (12.7cm) miniature fantasy elf and communicate directly with the Instructor all during the class.

This will be the first "free standing" sculpting class offered by CDHM Artisan Nefer Kane. The elf will be a fixed figure, sculpted out of polymer clay. You will learn to form the armature, sculpt the head, hands, body and paint the eyes and blush the body. Nefer provides loads of images to assist you in understanding the details needed to create those intricate facial details.

Click the link for class details.

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