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22 April 2011

Surfing CDHM........

Lory had a power black out and her computer does not work, so I will post in her place.
This makes me think how much we are dependent on new technologies.
As for me the web is my "eye on the world" and I am so depressed when my connection is down, I feel in a certain  way ... lonely!
I usually work with the tv "on the background", I don't watch it but it makes noise ...
And what about mobile phones? If I forget it at home I drive back to take it!
BTW I took a peek at the galleries and found helpful tutorials and DIY, the perfect match between "new tech" and "good old hands"!

How to sculpt a baby doll by
Cheri Desiree

How to make a chocolate box by Betsy Niederer

How to make Turk's turban squashes by
Linda Cummings

How To Sculpt, Fiber & Flock a 1:12 English Springer Spaniel by
Kerri Pajutee

See you next Friday!

, CDHM Blog Staff 

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