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01 May 2011

For Love of Kids and Horror For Parents

I should have written my Blog entry on Friday but as usual things always happens when you have something to do!
This Friday afternoon, immediately after school, I took my son to a birthday party in a place that is just like Heaven for the kids and Hell for parents.
It's a big shed with all kind of inflatable helter skelters, jumping mattress and a lot of space for running and dancing.
There were four birthday parties and you can imagine the amount or shouting kids, the loud music and the chaos.
In places like this even the sweetest little girl:

(from the gallery of Patty Clark)

Has an evil side:

(from the gallery of Mikey O'Connell)

You should have seen the faces of the parents at the end of the parties ... exhausted!
Now I need a week to recover LOL.

To the next Friday (if I will survive the week!!)

, CDHM Blog Staff 

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