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11 May 2011

Hello from a tired bear

Very hard days these days, I'm like a busy bee looking for spring flowers with the difference that I feel as asleep as a bear looking for a hole in a tree where to spend the winter....if you can understand what I mean.

May be because today it was very hot and because I had a date at the dentist’s and as I don't drive I went on foot, why isn't it like autumn all year long?

I hate summer because it is really too hot, the only advantage is that the days are longer and you can keep your front door open and let the smell of the flowers and the songs of the birds come inside.

And I hate summer clothes, and as I should lose some kilos it is also difficult to do some good shopping, what a nostalgia for those warm sweaters and those elegant or casual jackets to wear with a long scarf...
Well, this bear is really tired now; it is time to hide in the hole.

To the next Wednesday...

cdhm blog by Lory Tonetti
CDHM Blog Staff

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