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24 October 2011

Pastry Chef Ina Coffin by CDHM Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell of Crown Jewel Miniatures

CDHM Artisan CDHM Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell of Crown Jewel Miniatures has a new auction ready for Halloween: "Pastry Chef Ina Coffin". Visit more of CDHM Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell of Crown Jewel Miniatures works at CDHM Gallery.

The auction reads:

"Bored stiff in eternal rest, Chef Ina has opened the "door" to a charming, if spooky, new bakery specializing in cupcakes. Her large assortment of tasty treats come in a variety of luscious flavors and pretty toppings but BEWARE!

"Chef Ina's cupcakes include an evil surprise.

"Look past the pretty cupcakes and lovely wallpaper and you'll find Ina's devilish trick! A vast assortment of poison bottles are nestled by Ina's skeletal carcass in between the soft folds of beautiful fabric. This beastly baker has hidden a few more outside the coffin where she hopes you won't see them! Devious Chef Ina even posted a warning sign for her poor shoppers but they won't find it until it's too late because it's on the back of the coffin!

"One bite and unsuspecting trick-or-treat customers will join Chef Ina in eternal rest where she plans to put them to work helping her mix poisonous potions and baking sinister sweets! Chef Ina is really thinking "outside the box" but your mini dolly may not be so lucky. "

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