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22 November 2011

2011 Kensington Dollhouse Show and Fair Attendees From CDHM

CDHM Artisans at the 2011 Kensington Dollhouse Show and Fair

If you are at the London show, December 3, make sure to stop by and say hello to the CDHM Artisan/Dealers!

Ceynix Miniature Trees 'n' Trains
Specializing in Trees and working train sets

Cristina Minischetti, IGMA Fellow
Specializing in Food

Elizabeth LePla of ELF Miniatures
Specializing in Fitted kitchens and contemporary furniture

Georgina Ritson of Georgina Ritson Dolls
Specializing in Dolls

Jain Squires of The Giddy Kipper
Specializing in Whimsical character dolls

Julie Campbell, IGMA Artisan of Bellabelle Dolls
Specializing in Dolls and figures

Lidi Stroud, IGMA Artisan of Into Minis
Specializing in Basketry, fires, lights and furniture

Linda Cummings, IGMA Fellow, of Lins Minis
Specializing in Food

Loredana Tonetti of Lory's Tiny Creations
Specializing in Ornaments and accessories

Marcella Perodo of Minicaretti Miniaturas
Specializing in Food

María Lourdes Areal Cruces, IGMA Artisan
Specializing in Jewellery and accessories

Mariella Vitale of Muffa Miniatures
Specializing in Thread animals, bears and dolls

Orsolya Skulteti, IGMA Fellow of Orsi's Miniatures
Specializing in Food and basketry

Sandra Morris of Diminutive Dolls
Specializing in Doll's dolls and toys Copyright 2004-2011 All rights reserved.


  1. thank you for listing us all together!

  2. I just wish that I was at this show with all of you. We'd have so much fun.