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13 November 2011

A Miniature Christmas: Nativity Toy Theatre with Diminutive Dolls

A Miniature Christmas: Nativity Toy Theatre......: I've always loved toy theatres.

I had a beautiful toy theatre when I was a child and spent many hours making puppets and writing plays which I then performed for the delectation of my captive audience of dolls and toy animals.

So it goes without saying that I have a collection of miniature theatres in my vintage toy shop, which Mr Albert Lowther will show you in due course.

However in the meantime, I'm pleased to unveil our latest illuminated miniature toy theatre depicting the Nativity.

My theatres are made of wood, with a colourful proscenium arch, revealing 5 layers of scenery to give a three dimensional effect. This Nativity scene shows Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus in the background, with the three kings, shepherds and assorted beasts of the fields in the foreground.

From the starry sky there falls a single silver star, which conceals a tiny grain of rice bulb to illuminate the scene.

The theatre is supplied with 12" of very fine white wires with a plug on the end, to enable you to easily connect it to your 12 volt doll's house lighting circuit.

Also available is our illuminated Victorian Christmas toy theatre, again with a three dimensional scene depicting the festive preparations of a Victorian family.

Full details visit for details about their website.

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