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09 February 2012

Meet Casey by CDHM Artisan Lucy Maloney of Designer Dog Miniatures

Original Post by CDHM Artisan Lucy Maloney of Designer Dog Miniatures, January 31, 2012.

Here is Casey! Lab mix with the most obviously happy face that I had to have him with a open mouth. Casey is about to venture on a cross country RV trip with his owner to study the relationship people have with their dogs. A very interesting idea I think. Casey and the real Casey should have quite the adventure meeting many dogs. Let us hope mini Casey stays out of harms way... there have been a few mini dogs eaten by their namesake or possibly a visiting dog as happened to a dog in Australia. The mini was sent all the way back to the US for a repair job. Hoping to not see mini Casey at my door. He was very difficult for me to get right the first time.

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