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27 July 2012

Period furniture by CDHM Artisan David Gironella

Period furniture by CDHM Artisan CDHM Artisan David Gironella

The amazing talents of this CDHM Artisan is unquestionable. From his period pieces like the Queen Anne buffet below, to the working side table.

The Queen Anne style of furniture, named after Queen Anne of England who reigned from 1702-1714, has set the standard for period formal furniture since the early 1700's. Known for its gentle, fluid lines, its most well known characteristic is the cabriole leg terminating in a pad or drake foot. Other Queen Anne features are the fiddle-back chair backs, bat wing shaped drawer pulls, and ample proportions. Elegant and stylish, Queen Anne furniture creates a sense of occasion in any room.

If you've ever wanted an authentic English period styled formal room in your dollhouse then this David has furniture available to fit your desires.

Here is a working side table. Both drawers open, as shown.

Here you will see a beautifully crafted chest, with painted works on the front.

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