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08 April 2011

Back from Arnhem's Dollhouse Miniature Show

I've been very busy the last weeks, busy like a bee, I had to try to make a big production for the Arnhem fair, I have been working like a mad and sleeping too few but at then end the table wasn't as full as I wish it would be, anyhow the fair was very interesting.

The location was very suggestive, an old Gothic church with high walls filled with a suggestive natural light, fortunately, because I forgot to bring a lamp.

CDHM Artisan Mariella Vitale and I were in front of the table and from there we could dominate the whole scene, there were a lot of artisans from several countries with a very good selection of different miniatures, the standard was very high on my opinion.

Also the landscape around was really beautiful, I enjoyed the small gardens with horses, sheep and geese and the spring flowers in full bloom.

The hotel where we stayed was in a wood with a small lake but what made me fall in love were the houses with the roof covered with straw, do you know the 7 dwarfs house by Walt Disney? Exactly the same.

May be the next time I will show you some photos and I will see if in the galleries I can find someone who was there too.

To the next Wednesday!

Lory ,
CDHM Blog Staff

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