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19 November 2011

RIP Barbara (Bobbie) Schoonmaker of Micro-Stitchery, IGMA Fellow

Quote from the website
It is with overwhelming sadness to inform you that on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 15, 2011, Barbara (Bobbie) Schoonmaker passed away.

Bobbie achieved her legacy in the miniature world during the 1980s with her petitpoint designs in patterns, kits, paraphernalia and her sought-after finished pieces.

In 1987, Bobbie was made a Fellow of The International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA) where she also served on both the Artisan and Fellow Selection Committees.

Bobbie's work has been displayed in museums such as The Smithsonian in Washington, DC; Tiffany's Christmas windows in New York City and IGMA's first "Elements of Style" exhibit.

For many a year, she participated in numerous East-coast miniature shows. Then, in the spring of 2000 she went on-line with her petitpoint business, launching her Web site.

Fortunately, this most impressive legacy does not end, Bobbie's "microStitchery" will most certainly continue.

I am also very happy to let you know that there are close to 300 patterns of Bobbie's which have yet to be released. These patterns will slowly start going up on the Web site in the Spring/Summer of 2012.

Also for Bobbie's wonderful Paraphernalia pieces, an outstanding Canadian artisan has been chosen to reproduce these pieces. And, as with the new petitpoint patterns, there are also new Paraphernalia pieces which will be produced and available in the Fall of 2012.

Joy Perkins of microStitchery

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