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09 February 2012

Miniaturitalia and Dolls' Houses in Milano, Italy featuring calendar of dollhouse miniature shows and fairs 2012

CDHM members exhibiting at Miniaturitalia and Dolls' Houses in Milano, Italy, located at Hotel Michelangelo Miniature e Casa di Bambola 8 Fiera Italiana, 11 February 2012.

Elisa Fenoglio IGMA Artisan, Bamboline in scala 1/12. Miniature dolls in 1/12 scale.

Loredana Tonetti of Lory's Tiny Creations, Miniature in stile romantico e fantasy romantic and fantasy style miniatures.

Marcella Perodo of Minicaretti Miniaturas, Manicaretti in Miniatura. Golosità in scala 1/12 da mangiare con gli occhi! Miniature treats to devour with your eyes. A pun on the word "manicaretti" meaning "fine good things to eat".

Vilia Miniatures, Roombox per la realizzazione di piccoli ambienti. Roomboxes allow you to create the room you like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, shops, and more. Copyright 2004-2012 All rights reserved

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