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09 October 2012

1:12 Sun, Sea and Sand by CDHM Artisan Linda Cummings, IGMA Fellow of Lins Minis

Sun, Sea & Sand...
Original Post by CDHM Artisan Linda Cummings, IGMA Fellow of Lins Minis,

It's that time again, thank goodness, when I'm off to the desert to stay with my youngest & the new baby....not so new anymore, but 6 mths old now & becoming her own little person. So I thought that before I go ( a week today & too much to get done before!) I'd leave you with the last few things that I have been working on! Recently, apart from a slight diversion into toffee apples, or caramel apples as they are known Stateside, I've been in a really fruity mood!

These will be appearing on eBay in the near future, after all, I need to be able to pay for my holiday in the desert! Copyright 2004-2012 All rights reserved.

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