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08 February 2013

Collaboration Between Miniaturists

CDHM Artisan Jeannette Buchholz of Garden of Miniatures and CDHM Artisan Karin Caspar of KC-Design: An apple tree can also be a wonderful playground.

A wonderful collaboration between two amazing CDHM artisans, creating the apple tree and dollhouse.

Wonderful to play with children; can you see the swing?? The outdoor scene was built by CDHM Artisan Karin Caspar of KC-Design. Also a little bird takes a rest in the birdhouse, perhaps he is looking at what the painter is doing?!

CDHM Gallery of Jeannette Buchholz of Garden of Miniatures makes 1:12 flowers, trees, fruit trees, and plants in dollhouse miniatures

CDHM Gallery of Karin Caspar of KC-Design makes 1:12 and 1:24 scale dollhouses and roomboxes Copyright 2004-2013 All rights reserved.

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