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21 February 2013

Harry Potter and the Film-Makers' Magic

Incredibly detailed model of Hogwarts Castle used for every film in blockbusting series is revealed for the first time.

Ever since the first Harry Potter novel was released almost 15 years ago, children and adults alike have fantasised about visiting its famous boarding school for wizards and witches.

model of Hogwarts Castle

But, as these incredible pictures show, they need to dream no longer.

The model was built for the first film - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - and has been used for exterior shots in every film since. When all the time spent by 86 artists and crew members is added up, it took an incredible 74 years to build. Measuring 50 feet across, it has more than 2,500 fibre optic lights to simulate lantern torches and students passing through hallways.

model of Hogwarts Castle

It even has miniature owls in the Owlery and hinges on the doors.
The castle, which was based on Durham Cathedral and Alnwick Castle, is now due to go on display as part of The Making Of Harry Potter studio tour at Leavesden Studios, near Watford.

Bafta award-winning production designer Stuart Craig designed and built the castle with the rest of his team.

model of Hogwarts Castle

He said: 'Everything to the right of the viaduct is in fact Durham Cathedral (Durham cathedral in the Town Centre, Durham England).

model of Hogwarts Castle

'But the profile has been changed so that there are tall, pointy spires so there’s plenty of theatrical exaggeration.

'It’s pretty extravagant, I have to say.'

The castle is on display as part of the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour in London.

So if you are in London, make sure to stop by and take loads of pictures.

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