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Making a Miniature Cake by IGMA Fellow Betsy Niederer
This tutorial shows how to create a Vanilla or Chocolate cake for your Dolls house
using Polymer Clay
Also available in French and Dutch

Making a Miniature Bed by Debra Dinges
This tutorial is a step-by-step instruction into constructing your own miniature
dolls house bed
Also available in Dutch

Making a Miniature Plumber's Helper (Plunger) by Deb Dinges
This quick little step-by-step to make that Plumber's Helper for your own
miniature dolls house

Making a Miniature Bonsai Tree by Ceynix Miniature Trees
Making a realistic miniature Bonsai Turner's or English Oak Tree to
landscape your miniature dolls house

Making 1:12 Miniature Leather Shoes By Susan Cobb
Making leather shoes from polymer clay for 1/12 scale dolls or smaller

Painting Your Fairy Or Doll's Eyes And Face By Eneida Rosa
Painting your polymer clay fairy or doll's face and eyes

Learn To Make A 1:12 Scale Lampshade By Pat Carlson
Learn to make a lampshade for your dolls house that also has many other uses.

Learn 12v Tapewiring By Amanda Thomas
Learn 12 volt tape wiring for your dolls house or roombox.

Learn To Make Fantasy Film Fairy Wings By Deb Wood
Ever want to Make Fantasy Film fairy wings for your doll or fantasy sculpture.

Learn to Sculpt Hands From Polymer Clay By Tony Rice
Refine your sculpting skills with this polymer clay tutorial
on hands for your doll or fantasy sculpture.

Learn Doll Wigging By Nicky Cooper
Learn wigging for dolls, fairies or even fantasy creations.

Learn To Sculpt Feet From Polymer Clay By Tony Rice
Discover how to sculpt feet from polymer clay for your doll or fairy in 1/12 scale

Learn To Sculpt A Corgi Dog From Polymer Clay By Aleah Klay
Sculpting a miniature Corgi Dog in 1:12 scale for dolls pet

Learn How To Sculpt A Miniature Rose By Aleah Klay
Sculpting a miniature rose for your dollhouse or to include in any sculpture