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13 April 2011

CDHM Artisan Sarah Maloney makes beautiful cakes 1:12 Scale

Browsing into the food gallery and in the forums it often happens to stumble into those wonderful wonky colorful magical fantastic cakes that nowadays are so popular, even in the real size, just about it I must say that my hero is Buddy, the cake boss, I'm sure that everybody knows him.

Telling the truth watching him one has the impression that what he makes is very very easy but on the contrary it is very very difficult, the most difficult part for me it has always been to make the sugar fondant.

I have looked in the internet for a good recipe but I usually want to make the things in the best way and with the minimum waste of time so I have never been able to find what was good for me until a few days ago when I found out a simple and fast recipe to make it, here it is:

Take an x amount of marshmallows (I used the pink strawberry flavoured ones)
and the same weight of powdered sugar plus a couple spoons of water, melt them bain-marie (is it the right word???) then after it has cooled a bit add some more sugar until you have a soft matter that .... tah dah!!!! It is absolutely similar to the cold porcelain!!!

As this Sunday it was my niece Erika's birthday I decided to make her a cake, it really came our wonderful and very good, all pink covered with large colorful flowers and some butterflies flying around, a real success!

So if you are fed off to make mini cakes make a big cake and may be then make also a mini version of it!

In the meantime be inspired:

To the next Wednesday!
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