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16 April 2011

Spring ... hurts!

Finally I am able to post again!
I missed some blog posts because I was at the Miniature Show in Arnheim some weeks ago.

Ohhh I really had a good time, three days full of miniatures, good company, no kids, no cooking, no houseworks... what should I ask for more?

Last week the weather was really wonderful here in Italy, we've stepped from Winter to Summer in a couple of days and we've had some hot days like being in August!

My garden was full of wonderful little flowers (above all daisies) and I decided to collect a bouquet of them. It is so nice to have a little bit of early Summer on the kitchen shelf even if the day after you don't move because of the blocked back!!

Then I started to sneeze because of the allergy and had the body full of little red dots because I touched something I did not have to touch!!!

The early Summer ended three days ago with a fall down of temperature and the restart of home heating!

cdhm dollhouse miniatures
Two pots of daisies by Ernesto Baldini

See you next week!


CDHM Blog Staff

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