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01 December 2011

Miss Amelia: Frilly undies for tiny ladies!

Article By CDHM Artisan Janine Crocker of Miss Amelia's Miniatures.

CDHM Artisan Janine Crocker of Miss Amelia's Miniatures: Frilly undies for tiny ladies!: I am absolutely delighted with the fuss that's been made over my quarter scale bits and pieces over the last few weeks! I have met some lovely new customers and become hooked on this tiny scale that I couldn't believe I would enjoy working in.

I have even returned to Ebay and love the buzz of checking to see who is bidding and what has sold. I have just added a few new little pieces for this week if you fancy taking a look...including a set of 1/48 chemise and bloomers!

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1 comment:

  1. Sorry, there seems to have been a mistake as I wrote this last month and these items have since been sold. Due to pressure of commissions over the holiday period I will not be adding any more items to Ebay auctions until the New Year. You can see items available for sale on my website
    Janine (Miss Amelia)